Sunday, March 8, 2009

Overheard in New York City

There's a popular blog where NY residents write in things they hear on the street and they publish them on the website. I thought I'd start my own "Overheard in NYC." So far, they have been just in normal conversations with students or staff!

-Were any of you in the Bronx last weekend?

-Excuse me, I have to get away from the secondhand pot smell. (she said as she walked away from the open window of her apartment)

-We are a little off schedule because we didn't meet last week due to the protest.

-I had a class with Mary-Kate Olson. (this is only one of the many, many celebrity references)

-I was a part-time student last semester because I was working on my book. (sophomore NYU student)


Vicki said...

How fun! Keep posting more of these, please. They're broadening. I love the pictures too.

christindeas said...

"It's a Different World from where you're coming from!..." I'm singing the theme song!!