Saturday, March 28, 2009

Facebook Says It All

The day after we arrived back home, I saw these "status" comments on Facebook from our team. I love how it captures what everyone was feeling those first few hours back in the States.

A's heart is still in Morocco

G misses Moroccan food

D misses his kids

R "it's not what it used to be"

J likes chocolate and hot showers but not more than Morocco

L felt the mountains tremble

B is not the same person he was last week

A is emotionally overwhelmed

P travelled to rural Morocco and found the center of it all

1 comment:

Ben & Melissa said...

I love how facebook statuses communicate so well. What a fun idea to share them. And I enjoyed your pics too. So glad to hear that God did big things in your heart in one short week. Sure wish you were going to Hotchkiss with us this weekend. It will be strange without you. Love you!