Saturday, December 6, 2008


November started with Christin joining other single women who are Nav Reps in Florida for a conference. The day after she left, it snowed here! I texted her a picture and she replied by telling me she was laying on the beach! She had a wonderful time connecting with old friends and making new ones. She came back refreshed and encouraged.

The week before Thanksgiving, we went with our staff friend, Marilyn, to visit the staff team at Minnesota State University in Mankato. Last year, the Navigators invited a volunteer staff couple and an EDGE team to start the ministry again. The campus has not had a Nav ministry there for a while. It is so exciting to see what God has done in the last year and a half. The staff's faithful "sowing" is very evident. Many people have come to know the Lord and they are now sharing their faith with their friends! There are several Bible studies going in the dorms. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit with the extremely delightful and fun staff team!

On the way to Mankato, we drove through the Valley of the Green Giant!

I got to go back to Colorado for Thanksgiving and it was so wonderful!! We had dinner at my sister's house in Sterling. My parents, grandparents, brother and his girlfriend drove over. It was a very special time to be all together and relax.

We joined Marilyn's mom, brother and sister-in-law for Thanksgiving at her mom's nursing home the weekend before Thanksgiving.
Christin joined staff friends from CSU, who now live in IA and were spending the day with Heidi's family in MN. It was a special time for her to be with Khoa and Heidi and their family.

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Vicki said...

who is the lady to the right of marilyn? and the one behind her? both look familiar.