Thursday, October 23, 2008

From Lansing to Lansing

Well, we started our trip in Lansing, IA and it seemed like a good idea to finish it there! The Upper Midwest regional collegiate conference was held Oct 10-12 in Lansing, IA at Village Creek Bible Camp. The camp is tucked away in the trees and was the perfect place for a retreat. The region is outgrowing the facilities so they had volunteers sleep in tents and old yachts! We chose to stay with some friends an hour away. This is the group who came from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. The theme of the conference (called the Weekender) was “The Word is Life.” Norm and Katie Hubbard who are serving with Navigators in Illinois, were the speaker. They were staff at Auburn when Christin was a student so it was fun for her to get to see them again!

Christin and I, along with a recent graduate, Anne, from the University of Minnesota, led a transition on preparing for the work world. There were about 40 students who attended, ranging from recent grads to juniors and seniors. We each shared our experiences during that transition period along with two staff men who shared their testimonies. We also discussed topics such as biblical view of work, calling and identity, and practical tips such as credit and budgeting. Through the use of case studies, we discussed realities that will take a different shape after college, ie community, evangelism and relationships. We gave the students a packet of resources that ranged from Bible study materials to even advice from former grads. Our hope is that these resources will be a source of help and encouragement for them when they graduate.
There were about 400 students at the conference who came from four different states, North and South Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin. It is exciting to how how the region is growing every year!

Christin and I were even judges of the “Amazing Race,” between campuses. Some of the activities included bobbing for apples, reciting Bible verses, eating sardines, wheelbarrow races and canoeing across a lake with no paddles.

Even though we were tired, it was great to reconnect with students and staff we had met at the beginning of our trip. It seemed our trip came full circle! We are excited about what God is doing in the lives of students and staff in the upper Midwest! And of course, ours as well!

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