Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Day Off!

After our time in Detroit, we drove to northern Michigan. The drive was incredible. Fall was full-fledged and indescribable for words. We stayed a night on Lake Huron in Mackinaw City and that evening drove across to the Upper Peninsula and then decided to go on to Canada! We didn't have our passports but Canada enthusiastically welcomed us! I was a little nervous about the US letting us back in but after several minutes of questions, they let us re-enter. This was Christin's first trip to Canada and we went to Sault Ste Marie. I think we were more excited about being in this city because it is a destination on our favorite game, Ticket To Ride, than being in Canada! After driving the wrong way on several one-ways and eating dinner at a sketcy pizza joint, I insisted we come back to America.

The next morning, we took the ferry over to Mackinac Island. No cars are allowed on the island and it proved to be the perfect, yet freezing, place for a day off. We stayed at a bed and breakfast (my first time) that night and ate lots of fudge! The next day, we took a carriage ride around the island and then took the ferry back. We stayed the next night with some staff friends of Bob's who live on a lake outside of Traverse City.

The next day, we drove down to Grand Rapids and spent a couple hours with a friend of mine. It was so great to see her! From Grand Rapids, we headed to Chicago...

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