Saturday, September 20, 2008

Upcoming Trip!

We are leaving Monday for 2.5 weeks and we'd appreciate your prayers as we travel.
Sept 22-24th we'll be in regional staff meetings in Lansing, IA
Sept 25-30th we'll be in Lansing, MI and the Detroit area visiting some of the urban ministry projects going on
Sept 30-Oct 2nd we will be at Mackinac Island in northern Michigan
Oct 3-7th we will be visiting the urban ministries in Chicago
Oct 7th we'll be back in Minnesota
Oct 10-12 we have the regional collegiate fall conference in Lansing, IA
We look forward to telling you about our visits when we get back and get caught up on sleep!


jeanne miller said...

Ah, Mackinac Island.... brings back memories, as I was there during a Michigan STP, literally 3+ decades ago! ouch! The island is beautiful!! have fun! luv,jeanne

Natalie said...

You will LOVE the Island! Ryba's has the best fudge (in my opinion) it is worth it to go up the middle of the island and go to the "Lookout Point" (or something like that). It has the prettiest view. It's REALLY cool to get a horse drawn carriage tour of the island...they will take you to all the prettiest/coolest parts that you don't get to see just walking or riding a bike. I can't wait to see pictures...and then I can't wait to see you!!!

(PS: Have fun in Detroit...I wish I could come too! If you have time, go to Hardrock and get a Hardrock Detroit t-shirt...I think they are the coolest)