Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Northern Surprise Southern Style by Christin

I'm not going to lie I was a little nervous about my upcoming birthday, one with it being a milestone and two being so far from home. But the weekend could not have gone better or been more special. Our dear friend and old roommate from Colorado, who now lives in South Carolina, Caryn, flew in completely SURPRISING me! She and Aimee cooked the whole thing up without my knowledge! When she walked through the door I was speechless. I was so shocked all I could do was cry, laugh and squeal. Caryn said my face was priceless. This is us trying our best to recreate the moment.

We, all along with our new Minneapolis, friend, Marilyn, headed up to Duluth for the weekend.
From sweet gifts and fun meals to an overnight stay, they spoiled me rotten! It was a nonstop celebration. We had such a good time.
Thanks SO much Aimee, Marilyn and CARYN for making my birthday weekend more memorable than I could have imagined!

Duluth is about 2.5 hours north of the Twin Cities. It's right on Lake Superior, which would fit all the other Great Lakes in it. If Lake Superior was frozen over, everyone in the world could each have a 12x12 blanket and sit on the lake! It's huge!
In the harbor in Duluth, there is an aerial lift bridge that lifts up when the ships go under it. You can stand under the bridge while it is lifting up and coming back down.

Before (ship #1)

During (Ship #2) and After


Kris and Stacey said...

Oh, Happy Happy Day Christin. I have a card sitting on my counter for you and have no idea what your new address is. Please email it to me. How does it feel to be the big 30? I hate it. I really am getting old. So glad you have such wonderful friends to make your birthday such a special day. We love you here in t-town. The boys send hugs and kisses to Miss Christmas!!!

Kelley Brown said...

Happy belated birthday Christin!!! Loved the pictures, and what a special celebration! I turn the big 3-0 in a few months, but I am actually looking forward to it. I guess it's because I have always looked so young, and 30 makes me sound mature and credible. Hah! ;) Love you and miss you!