Wednesday, February 25, 2009


My sister surprised me with a ticket to Colorado for the weekend! It was my grandpa's 90th birthday and we had a party on Sunday. It was great surprising my family with a visit.
The Top 10 Signs that I Was in Colorado:
10. There were not 17 snowplows on the runway when I landed.

9. I was approached by a guy with a clipboard in the terminal.

8. Mountains!!!

7. Marci had the AC on when she picked me up and two hours later we had the heat on.

6. People were wearing shorts.

5. Ski slopes were closed at 4pm.

4. We had to chain up to drive over the mountains.

3. I didn't see one Swedish person.

2. Elk Crossing signs on the Interstate.

And the number one sign I knew I was in Colorado: When people said it was warm outside it actually was warm!

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Vicki said...

#11. 2 t.b.powder coffeecake