Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Few Odd MN Things

We are learning all kinds of different um...cultural things here in Minnesota. I didn't even know they made windshield washer fluid that went down to -20 degrees F! Also, we had our first "drive-thru" grocery experience. And apparently, an outlet inside your house can even gather frost when it's -30 degrees outside! We also had our first "Swedish" experience. We visited the Swedish Institute and drank Lingonberry cidar.


Walston family said...

Ohhh Lingonberry cider...YUM!! Did you have cardamon rolls? If not it was not a truly Swedish experience. ;)

trish said...

So that outlet.....I hope you unplugged whatever was plugged in there :) yikes!! I've never seen one that bad. You lovely ladies are braving the cold SO well!!! It will be over soon :) And its suppose to get up to 40 today!! Watch out world! :) What a beautiful day :)